Pay What You Decide for Catapluf’s Musical Journey

This weekend the Big Imaginations Festival comes to St Helens with Catapluf’s Musical Journey. Come and Join Adriano Adewale on Sunday 22nd October as he explores the rhythms and sounds of the world with Catapluf, whose imagination takes you to places where music can be found in everything.

For the first time we’re putting the audience in charge of how much they pay for this show based on what they think their experience was worth to them.

We chatted to Chief Exec Fay Lamb ahead of the festival about what they can expect at the Citadel over the coming weeks.

What can families expect when they come to the Citadel for the Big Imaginations Festival?

A feast for big imaginations – world class nationally and internationally renowned theatre for families and children, free craft activities, a warm welcome and a potentially life changing experience!

Why is being part of the Big Imaginations consortium & Festival so important to the arts offer for families in St Helens?

Without Big Imaginations The Citadel would not be able to provide the fantastic year round children and families theatre offer.

What are you looking forward to the most about the festival?

‘Gigging’ with the kids in The Citadel auditorium for Catapluf’s Musical Journey

You are asking customers to pay what they decide their experience is worth for Catapluf’s Musical Journey, how will this work for those who come to see the show?

Families can reserve tickets to come and see the show at no cost. After the show they will be asked to pay what they decide the experience was worth to them. Envelopes will be placed on seats for cash payments or the box office will be open for card transactions. (audiences are reminded that ticket prices would normally be £5 for children and £7 for adults)

What led you to trial Pay What You Decide for a family show?

Pay what you decide is a great way to de-risk a new experience for families. The Citadel fundamentally believes in the transformational impact of the arts and ‘pay what you decide’ enables families to make a value decision about what the arts experience was worth to them.

You can call the Citadel on 01744 735 436 to book your tickets for the show.