Getting Crafty – Paper Shaker Music Maker

Hello! And welcome back to Getting Crafty with Citadel Arts.

We’re bringing our Music & Comedy Festival to Virtual Life on Saturday 11th April with Ensonglopedia -an Online Gig. So we thought it would be fun to get creative and make a fun, Paper Shaker Music Maker.

For this task you are going to need:

1 x paper plate

A handful of dry pasta

Anything at all you want to decorate your shaker with (I’m using felt tip pens)

Coloured tissue paper cut into strips

Glue Stick

Have a watch of the video below and follow the step by step guide to have a go at creating your own.

We’d love to see all of your amazing creations when you’ve finished so please upload a picture to our facebook page.


Fold your paper plate in half so you can mark out the two halves of your shaker.  Decorate both halves in any way you would like to.   I’m using orange and yellow felt tip pens to create different patterns.

Step 2

Turn your paper plate over and glue around 1 quarter of the edge of your plate.

Step 3

Take a strip of tissue paper and stick in to the edge in ‘W’ pattern. This should reach around a quarter of the plate.

Step 4

Repeat this with 3 more strips of the same colour so you have tissue paper going around the whole edge.

Step 5

Dab some glue into the gaps in your tissue pattern and use the other colour tissue paper to create the same pattern.

Step 6

Repeat this process until you have the two colours of tissue paper around the whole edge of the paper plate.

Step 7

Carefully Glue again around the edge of your paper plate, taking extra care not to rip the tissue paper.

Step 8

Place a handful of dry pasta in the centre and fold the plate in half.  Hold the edges down firmly until it is held firmly together.

Step 9

Now you’ve finished you can join us at 2pm on Saturday 11th April and play along to our on line gig Ensonglopedia

Take a photo of your creation and upload it to the Citadel Arts facebook page.

We hope you enjoyed our latest craft activity, thank you for getting crafty with Citadel Arts